1. What how

    What how

  2. Our first crossover review, featuring Alexo!

  3. Anonymous said: fuck you assclown


  4. Anonymous said: There is actually a sequel to TMMRAFFEM. It's called The Kristoff Song.

    If we gave up on the first one…

  5. I review something famous, and extremely, extremely short

  6. Anonymous said: Goddamn it, why do you keep destroying your hands?

    Don’t worry, it’s fine now. It was a pathetic burn, really. It had little effect other than my hand being pink for a couple hours.

    It happened while I was submerging my hand in hot water with Epsom salt dissolved in it, which has been a godsend for dealing with the pain, so I think it might’ve actually helped a bit. (I don’t think I’ll be turning the hot water up that much again, though.)

    Besides, it usually hurts worse after video editing. :p

  7. I’m better now. It was a minor burn.

    I’m better now. It was a minor burn.

  8. Well, I dusted off my old Twitter account and set it to auto mirror posts from my tumblr, so I don’t actually have to tweet anything. So, if you follow a bunch of YouTube celebrities on Twitter, and it’s awkward that I’m only on Tumblr… well, it’s awkward no longer, I guess?

    If there’s any demand, I might actually tweet.

  9. Anonymous said: That's just what I was waiting for. Ha ha, I'm becoming more and moar of a Magnificent Bastard with every waking hour. *smug face of pretentiousness* Nobody ever expected you to read DGTTB, It was just me trolling.

    Honestly, the fact that you had to resort to putting it on Pastebin should have been enough to let me know something was up…

  10. Virus scan swapping worked