1. Mysterious wip

    Mysterious wip

  2. Too soon?

    Too soon?

  3. Anonymous said: Tantei, read this for your own good. We have captured your executive in our basement. He says "let me out you bloody wankers "! I know more about you than you are aware of, DYLAN. Were all in this. Jon, spoon, and the rest. Before jon could tell you about the danger, we had to gag him and hide the evidence. He has recovered from our rapings very well. If you wish to save yourselves,forward this to the adress of the Golden Daggers cartel In Chihuahua, Mexico. Secrets will be revealed ...


    Am I Dylan

  4. An actual video! In this one, we play PETA’s sequel to their last Pokémon game.

    As usual, PETA demonstrates their insanity while This Is Pop demonstrates their complete mastery of Adobe Flash.

  5. Anonymous said: I meant fapped.

    I thought so, but Urban Dictionary didn’t exactly back you up there, so I had to make sure.

    I wouldn’t say you’re a bad person—just incredibly easy. Honestly, I’m surprised you managed to get off to such a thoroughly mediocre story.

  6. Anonymous said: I tapped to pattycakes. Does that make me a bad person?

    That depends. By “tap,” do you mean you jacked off to it, or that you actually had sex with someone while reading it?

  7. 20:38

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    Here it is.


  8. Anonymous said: DO PATTYCAKES NAO!!1

    We just recorded it. That’s coming out this Sunday.

    It was awful, by the way. Not even scary awful, just awful awful. The review probably totally sucks, because towards the end we just start getting really bored and pissed off at the story.

  10. 10 min Gacob doodle

Just so there’s some art on here

    10 min Gacob doodle

    Just so there’s some art on here