1. And thus begins “Good Stuff Month”

  2. I just realized I forgot to age restrict Dipper Goes to Taco Bell o_o

  3. What how

    What how

  4. Our first crossover review, featuring Alexo!

  5. Anonymous said: fuck you assclown


  6. Anonymous said: There is actually a sequel to TMMRAFFEM. It's called The Kristoff Song.

    If we gave up on the first one…

  7. I review something famous, and extremely, extremely short

  8. Anonymous said: Goddamn it, why do you keep destroying your hands?

    Don’t worry, it’s fine now. It was a pathetic burn, really. It had little effect other than my hand being pink for a couple hours.

    It happened while I was submerging my hand in hot water with Epsom salt dissolved in it, which has been a godsend for dealing with the pain, so I think it might’ve actually helped a bit. (I don’t think I’ll be turning the hot water up that much again, though.)

    Besides, it usually hurts worse after video editing. :p

  9. I’m better now. It was a minor burn.

    I’m better now. It was a minor burn.

  10. Well, I dusted off my old Twitter account and set it to auto mirror posts from my tumblr, so I don’t actually have to tweet anything. So, if you follow a bunch of YouTube celebrities on Twitter, and it’s awkward that I’m only on Tumblr… well, it’s awkward no longer, I guess?

    If there’s any demand, I might actually tweet.