1. Also Hitler turns into a super saiyan, but who cares about that

  2. Also drew this scene

    See if you can figure out who the people in the background are

  3. Redrew the first page of Confession Story for kicks

    The original took a… lot from El Goonish Shive, if you didn’t notice. Since then my art style has changed a lot

  4. That em dash is vitally important to the plot

  5. Just recorded review for this week. It’s the Goku vs. Hitler story

  6. There won’t be an audio review this week, sorry. I’ve been a little sick lately.

  7. I think she’s pouring Tabasco sauce in there, because that is definitely not a wine bottle.

  8. In this page I stall more.

  9. The Obamadventure continues.

  10. This guy

    This guy